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We are so excited to have been reviewed on Today’s Woman Blog! Tayna says,

“If you are looking for a versatile, large tote bag with trendy fabrics for your next sleepover/overnight trip then I highly recommend the Bombinizz line. You


Another Bombinizz Giveaway on!

bombinizz-peace says,

“I introduced you to these fabulous bags a few weeks ago and recently I got a second one (in lime green with peace symbols print) to review for all of you. With this one…I have been using it


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We are so happy to have someone else take notice of our bags!

She says, “Well. I found the solution (to carrying around your pillow unprotected). I did not create it but I “discovered” it last week in my shopping … Read more...

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cmmom calls us the “Bag to protect bedding and belongings on sleepovers and other adventures”.

She says, “A mom noted the need for something to store her children’s pillows on their outings. Sleepover parties were great for her daughters to … Read more...

Preparing for Outdoor Sports


sports bag alternative Preparing for Outdoor Sports“Fall is here and so are seasonal sports.   Whether team-based or individual, sports can provide a myriad of benefits for children besides physical activity.  Participating in sports helps build self-esteem and confidence, motivation to excel academically, and can assist in … Read more...

This week we are welcoming new stores that are selling Bombinizz !!!


This week we are happy to welcome 3 new stores that will now be carrying Bombinizz bags. They range from all the way up to Canada and down to Louisiana. That makes 27 stores in all and more to come!… Read more...

One lucky winner is going to win a $30.00 Gift Card to shop at Bombinizz!

twoclassychics-giveaway has posted about us and is offering a giveaway! But act soon because the promotion ends Oct 5, 2014.

Here is what they say:

“I am a very busy grandmother who spends a lot of time with her grandchild.


A pillow bag with a name inspired by the Bombini bees turns into a successful family business

A pillow bag with a name inspired by the Bombini bees turns into a successful family business

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Maria Rosell tells us the story of how Bombinizz was started a few years ago. Her knowledge of fabrics and materials for confection designer apparel, coupled with her dedication and service to her community influenced Maria in … Read more...

Bombinizz the Must Have Accessory for Your College Freshman

Bombinizz the Must Have Accessory for Your College Freshman

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If you need to complete your college freshman’s dorm room shopping, Bombinizz is a practical accessory that is perfect for transporting their pillow from school to home and vice versa. It’s not surprising at all … Read more...

We’re Featured on!

Bombinizz in Gift Shop Magazine!

We are so happy to have this nice little write up on the Gift Shop Magazine website. We are listed under “Must Haves”!.

The Carry Pillow & Sleepover Bag is a versatile bag used for carrying your pillow, overnight items … Read more...